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Why You Should Work With A Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident or severe injury, you may think the process is cut and dry. You have insurance, and your injuries are apparent, so insurance coverage and establishing who is at fault should be straightforward.

This is not always the case. Insurance companies will try to minimize the amount they pay out to you in claims and try to close the file quickly. It is their job to represent the interests of the insurance company and not your best interests. A person who is legally unrepresented expects that an insurance adjuster is going to tell them the truth, but they often don’t.

Mistakes Clients Make When They Do Not Have A Lawyer

Attorney Stephen Gabrielson, of Gabrielson Law Offices, Ltd., has over 20 years of experience working with personal injury cases and accident victims. When he speaks with insurance adjusters, they often enter a series of negotiations. Clients frequently make simple mistakes that have vast repercussions such as:

  • Already having a settlement discussion with an insurance adjuster — It is hard to get the adjuster to move off of that valuation later on.
  • Injured parties starting negotiations with an adjuster without a lawyer present.
  • Accepting too little compensation for their settlement.
  • Not waiting until all their injuries and medical bills are present before closing their case.
  • Not waiting for a full medical assessment — Some doctors are not willing to set the value of your comprehensive medical care for at least a year.

Avoid Easy Mistakes | Fight For The Settlement You Deserve

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