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Aggressive Representation For Bicyclists Hit By Cars

Aside from a helmet, a bicyclist is very unprotected when they are involved in an auto accident. Injuries can be devastating and even fatal if you are hit by a car or you hit a bicyclist while sharing the road. Other causes of an accident can be adverse weather conditions, animals in the street, rider errors, or poorly maintained roads.

Your cyclist injury may not seem serious yet. Using a lawyer to properly document the accident and damages can assist you in court. No matter how small the accident may seem, Gabrielson Law Offices, Ltd., can help if the driver fights back in court. Often the at-fault driver of the car will blame the cyclist for the accident. They may blame your visibility, say you were speeding or argue about your location on the road.

Defending Yourself After A Bicyclist Crash

There are simple steps to take immediately following a bicycle crash to help your insurance claim:

  1. Assess your injuries
  2. Call the police — they may ticket the driver
  3. Document injuries, damages to property and the scene of the crash
  4. Get driver’s contact information, license and insurance information
  5. If the driver tries to flee the scene, take a video or pictures
  6. Keep your bike, helmet and clothing from the accident as evidence
  7. Contact a personal injury attorney

These steps can help your attorney pursue the case in court and defend your rights. Our principal attorney, Stephen D. Gabrielson, has experience with cases where settlement seems unlikely. If the at-fault driver in your case denies liability, or you are fighting your insurance company over damages, he will fight for you.

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