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Forensic Technology

We try to stay on the cutting edge of technology in presenting our clients’ claims. Jury research shows that jurors retain much more when presented with visual evidence. Whether we are presenting visual exhibits to prove how an accident occurred or to demonstrate the severity of our clients’ injuries, experience teaches us that jurors respond to this evidence. It can be expensive, but presenting accurate and representational evidence of this sort benefits our clients.

Interactive Presentations And 3D Volume Renderings

Removal of Sigmoid Colon

Sigmoid Colon Degloving Injury

High Impact uses interactive presentations that detail injuries and medical procedures. It utilizes medical records and diagnostic test data to create a visual, representational chronology of treatment.

BodyViz Cardia Bone Tissue setting

Skull Bone

BodyViz uses 3D volume rendering, an actual clinical tool — not just a graphic aid for trial like a medical illustration. It creates these 3D volume renderings using MRI and CT scan data. 3D volume rendering is becoming fundamental for displaying CT and MRI results in a manner that non-radiology physicians and laymen can visualize and understand. The feature set addresses intuitive interpretation of 3D patient anatomies and simple methods for positioning virtual surgical tools within a 3D virtual body.

Crash Reconstruction And Forensic Animation

Forensic Animation is a technically accurate computer generated visualization of a complex event. Several minutes, perhaps hours, of technical testimony can be condensed into an easily understood presentation.