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5 new trends in workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

In recent years, the landscape of workplace injuries has evolved, with new trends and challenges emerging.

Staying informed about these evolving trends is important to enhancing workplace safety.

1. Remote work-related injuries

Employees working from home are susceptible to a different set of risks compared to traditional office environments. Common issues include musculoskeletal disorders due to poor ergonomics, eye strain from extended screen time and mental health concerns arising from social isolation.

2. Mental health challenges

Mental health concerns are a prominent issue in the workplace. Employees face stress, anxiety and burnout due to various factors, including increased workloads, remote work challenges and the blurring of work-life boundaries. This trend not only affects an individual’s well-being but also productivity.

3. Workplace violence

The issue of workplace violence is a growing concern, affecting employees across various industries. This trend includes physical altercations, threats and harassment from colleagues, clients or outsiders.

4. Technology-related injuries

The integration of technology into various industries brings its own set of workplace injuries. These injuries range from eye strain caused by prolonged use of digital screens to repetitive stress injuries related to constant typing or swiping.

5. Fatigue-induced injuries

The 24/7 nature of modern work environments, particularly in sectors like healthcare, transportation and manufacturing, fueled an increase in fatigue-induced injuries. Fatigue can impair cognitive function and reaction times, resulting in accidents and mistakes.

In 2021, employers reported 2.6 million workplace injuries and illnesses. While the types and severity of injuries vary, an injured employee still deserves compensation.