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Common causes of pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | Blog, Car Accidents |

Pedestrian accidents can have serious consequences with severe injuries and the risk of fatalities. Understanding the common causes of pedestrian accidents helps everyone focus on safety on the road.

Drivers and pedestrians alike should know what to watch for to reduce the risk of accidents.


Distractions, both behind the wheel and when walking, contribute to pedestrian accidents. Drivers diverting their attention away from the road may overlook a crosswalk or miss a pedestrian crossing the street. Pedestrians looking at their phones or talking with a friend could misread the crosswalk signals or step in front of a moving car.

Ignoring traffic signals

Pedestrians who cross against the light or when the crosswalk indicator says not to walk increase the risk of pedestrian accidents. Vehicles have the right of way in those cases. Similarly, drivers who fail to stop for a red light when pedestrians have a clear cross signal may strike a pedestrian lawfully crossing the street.

Poor visibility

Pedestrians walking after dusk or in adverse weather conditions increase their risk of accidents. Drivers may struggle to see a pedestrian crossing the street in these cases, even with some reflective clothing. Drivers and pedestrians should remain attentive in these conditions to minimize the risks.

Sidewalks provide avenues for pedestrians to travel without obstructing or interfering with traffic, and crosswalks offer a safe place to cross the street when pedestrians and drivers alike follow the signals properly. The Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety reports 48 incidents per year of pedestrian and bicyclist accidents. Understanding the common causes of pedestrian accidents can help reduce that risk.