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What are the top causes of ATV accidents?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

All-terrain vehicles are popular in Minnesota. However, they can also be dangerous. Over 20 people died in ATV crashes in Minnesota in 2022.

Why do ATV accidents happen?

Operating ATVs on pavement

Manufacturers design ATVs for operation off-road. Many ATVs are difficult to handle on the pavement. This can lead to accidents.

You may not operate ATVs on local roads without a special permit and state law restricts usage on public roads.

Riding double on single-rider ATVs

Manufacturers design most ATVs for operation by only one rider. However, many people try to ride double on ATVs that do not have seating for two people.

This can cause issues with unbalanced loading that may make the ATV more likely to flip and because there is not adequate seating, the riders may be more likely to fall off the vehicle.

Riding without proper training or adult supervision

Inexperienced riders are the most likely to cause accidents. Accidents often happen when new riders attempt to operate ATVs that are too large and powerful for them to control.

ATVs have a high center of gravity which makes them prone to tipping over. Inexperienced riders may not understand how to adjust their body weight to prevent accidents. State law makes it illegal for riders under the age of 15 to operate larger Class 2 ATVs.

Many ATV accidents are preventable through proper training and safe driving practices. People who operate ATVs recklessly may be responsible for any injuries or property damage they cause to others.