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Common causes of bicycle-related car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car accidents involving bicycles come with a number of unique circumstances. It is not always clear how motorists and bicyclists should behave around one another on the road, but what is clear is how devastating a motor vehicle accident can be for a relatively vulnerable bicyclist.

Individuals in a car and those riding a bike both have the responsibility to follow good safety habits for the sake of everyone on the road. By knowing some of the common causes of bicycle-related car accidents, all parties can do their part to uphold safe conditions.


Distractions such as phones or other devices are always capable of contributing to the likelihood of an accident, but this is particularly true in towns or cities with larger bicyclist populations. Statistics show that an average of nine deaths per day occur in accidents involving a distracted driver, illustrating the importance of being attentive behind the wheel.

Unsafe turns

Examples of unsafe turns include turning at a yield sign without slowing for traffic or turning right at a red light without exercising proper caution. These behaviors can be especially dangerous if a bicyclist is entering an intersection crossing from the sidewalk.

Dangerous lane changes

Drivers and bicyclists are equally capable of performing dangerous lane changes while proceeding down the road. Cars create dangerous situations for bicyclists when they merge without looking or if they pass too close, while bicyclists should be careful about unexpectedly moving away from designated bike lanes.

The same behaviors that endanger other motorists are the ones that can also cause devastating injuries to bicyclists. It is important to always exercise good habits and to be aware of others both on and near the roads.