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Study shows how often teens are speeding, texting

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Minnesota’s teenage drivers lack the experience that older motorists have, and this, coupled with the fact that many take dangerous risks behind the wheel, means big trouble for everyone sharing the road with them. A recent study on the driving habits of teenagers is shining a spotlight on some of today’s most common teenage driving behaviors and how likely those behaviors are to contribute to crashes.

Per U.S. News and World Report, the study, which involved 165 teenagers who were an average of 17 years of age, showed that certain risky driving behaviors are common among both boys and girls in their teens. It also showed that some dangerous driving actions are more common among males than females, and vice-versa.

How often teen drivers speed and text

Speeding and texting are both highly dangerous and highly common among today’s teen drivers. Survey results revealed that teenagers use handheld phones while driving more than 30% of the time, even though most states have laws banning the practice. Teen motorists also acknowledged driving over the speed limit during 40% of the excursions they took. In about 5% of teen driving trips, teens drive over the speed limit and used handheld phones at the same time.

How often males offend versus females

Data from the survey revealed no major differences in terms of how often male teenagers speed and use phones behind the wheel and how often female teens do so. However, male teenagers were more prone to hard braking and paid acceleration than their female counterparts.

Safety officials believe that more education and enforcement is the key to curbing these behaviors and enhancing safety on Minnesota and the nation’s roadways.