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How should I prepare for snowmobile season?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2022 | Health And Safety, Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Snowmobiles can be fun and functional, especially in harsh Minnesota winters. But they can also be dangerous.

Before the season begins, it is a good idea for you to ensure you have all the latest safety information and advice. The Department of Natural Resources offers a snowmobile safety course that you and your family can take.

The requirement

If you want to operate a snowmobile, the state does require you to complete safety certification if you were born after December 31, 1976. So, the course may not be optional. Even if you took it before, you may want to do it again to brush up on your skills, especially if you have younger family members who will be riding for the first time this year.

The course

Youth certification is available online or in person for those ages 11 to 15. Both require at least one in-person day for performance review. Do note that even though your child can take the course at age 11, they do not have valid certification until they turn 12. This course goes over general safety, basic operation training and legal regulations.

Adult certification is for those ages 16 and older. It is available online, but if you want to attend in person, then you can take the youth course. This course is more in-depth. It will cover accident situations and safety.

The law requires you to keep your certification valid. You could get into criminal trouble if you fail to obtain certification and operate a snowmobile. In any case, it is simply smart to take a course to prepare for a safe season.