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Why do dog bites occur?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2022 | Dog Bites |

Despite public perception, all dogs can and will bite in certain situations. While some breeds may have stronger bites and the potential to cause more harm, any breed can become aggressive or reactive.

The American Kennel Club explains biting is a natural form of protection for canines. Owners should know their pet and understand what situations would put it at ease enough for there to be a potential for biting. In addition, they should be able to recognize the signs from their dog that it is ready to attack. But not all owners are responsible, so you should be aware of triggers that could lead to biting in order to protect yourself.

It is protective

A dog may bite when it is protecting its home or humans. For many dogs, this is instinctive. Their breeding is to make them good guard dogs who will not let harm come to their family.

It is uncomfortable

A sick or injured dog may bite to protect itself or to express its pain. A dog who looks unwell or hurt is always a risk of biting.

It is afraid

If a dog feels threatened or caught off guard, it may be inclined to react aggressively. This is its way of protecting itself from an unknown danger.

Dogs will usually provide some signs or signals that it is not in a good place. These things should tell the owner to keep the animal restrained and separate from the public to avoid bites. But if the owner is not acting responsibly, then you should pay attention to avoid an injury.