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Reviewing electrical hazards on construction sites

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

As a construction worker, you face many risks on the job. Understanding these dangers and preparing for various hazards you could encounter is pivotal, especially since an accident could cause significant injuries and financial hardships due to medical costs and lost wages. In addition to working with dangerous machinery, falling off of a ladder or scaffolding and falling objects, you also need to recognize the risk of electrocution.

Sadly, far too many electrical accidents occur each year, and these accidents can deal a devastating blow to injured workers and their loved ones.

Power lines and other electrical accident risk factors

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration goes over various risks associated with electrical accidents in construction. For example, you could suffer electrical shock due to contact with buried or overhead power lines. Workers using metal ladders, scaffolding, cranes, backhoes and metal objects could become electrocuted due to contact with a power line.

Aside from watching out for power lines, you should also look out for short circuits, exposed wires and insulation breaks. Ungrounded outlets and the improper use of electrical equipment and extension cords can also cause electrical accidents.

The consequences of an electrical accident

An electrical accident could lead to devastating difficulties. Burns, memory loss and other mental challenges, heart injuries and nerve damage affect many injured workers. Sadly, some lose their lives in these accidents.

Whether you cannot pay your bills because an electrical accident prevents you from working or you need help with medical costs, it is pivotal to go over your options and focus on your recovery.