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How soon do I need to file a car accident lawsuit?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In Minnesota, you have a statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit after a car accident. However, you have different time limits depending on the specifics of your accident.

If you recently experienced a car crash, continue reading to learn more about the statute of limitation for suing. Keep in mind that even if you have several years to file a lawsuit, it is in your best interest to start the process as soon as possible to preserve evidence.

No-fault claims

According to Minnesota Statute 65B.55, you have six months to apply for a no-fault claim. No-fault claims fall under your personal injury protection or PIP coverage. The payout comes from your own insurance company and does not involve a lawsuit against the other driver and their insurance company. Before the accident meets certain thresholds, it does not matter who caused it.

Claims for significant medical costs

If you decide to pursue a lawsuit against the driver, you have two years from the date of the accident or three years if the accident caused a fatality. However, to file a lawsuit in Minnesota, the medical costs must be $4,000. In addition, the injuries must lead to 60 days of disability, permanent disfigurement or chronic medical conditions. If you believe your accident warrants a lawsuit, reach out to a lawyer specializing in motor vehicle accidents.

Even though you have time to file a claim after a car accident, you should not waste any time. Gather your evidence and determine if your accident qualifies as an exception to the no-fault law.