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Encouraging safe driving from your teenager

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents |

Learning to drive can make your teenager feel invincible and leave you feeling uncertain and anxious. To ease your nerves, you may consider facilitating the development of safe driving practices.

When your teenager observes your behavior behind the wheel, he or she may feel more inclined to follow suit. Additionally, you can implement ground rules to encourage responsible driving.

Obey the law

As with all other states, Minnesota has specific requirements that your teen must pass prior to driving. If your teen misses even one of the requirements, he or she lacks the eligibility to legally operate a vehicle on the road. As your child goes through a driver’s education course, you can reinforce the lessons. Set aside adequate time to drive with your teen to increase experience and confidence.

Your teenager will also need to pass a driver’s licensing test. Discuss traffic laws and the consequences of breaking the rules. Stay aware of state laws and inform your teen of his or her responsibilities such as limiting the number of passengers or staying off of the road past a certain time at night.

Enforce consequences

You can create a driving contract with your teenager that highlights your expectations for responsible driving. Clarify the consequences of behaviors that violate your agreement. According to Healthy Children, you may improve your teen’s willingness to drive responsibly through your example. You can set the standard when you avoid distracted driving and intoxicated driving, as well as reckless behaviors like speeding.

Maintaining open communication and staying aware of when your teen drives and if there are passengers can also help you enforce rules. Your vigilance as a parent may improve your teen’s safety and encourage responsibility and respect.