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Should I check online for ATV recalls?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Some Minnesota residents enjoy riding ATVs. These vehicles allow you to tackle off-road terrain while enjoying the feel of outside air as you ride. Still, ATVs are motor vehicles and thus require their parts to work in harmony to provide a safe ride. When one or more parts malfunction, it could cause an accident.

When manufacturers discover that their products are defective, they put out recalls. These notices warn consumers not to use the products or describe steps they should take to be safe. ATV manufacturers are no exception.

A recent recall in Minnesota

Consumer Affairs has reported a recent recall involving a company in Minnesota that makes ATVs. Polaris of Medina has announced a recall of 32 ATVs that lack copper seal washers on the oil supply line of the turbocharger. This is a defect that could leak oil and possibly cause a fire.

The report claimed no one has received injury due to this defect and that consumers who bought these vehicles should stop using them and seek out a Polaris dealer for repair.

Staying on top of product recalls

The Polaris example is just one instance of an ATV manufacturer finding a defect in one of its products. An ATV that does not function properly could cause serious injury to you while riding. You might even collide with another rider or stationary property if your ATV proves defective.

Product recalls generally go out on the news, so it should be simple to find out about them through online news feeds. Also, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission puts out recall notices. You can find recall information through the CPSC website. Keeping on top of ATV recall news may alert you to problems with your ATV and prevent you from going out on an unsafe vehicle.