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Do you know these workplace injury procedure steps?

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After a recent work injury, you worry about covering your medical bills and protecting your income. Your Minnesota employer has workers’ compensation, but you feel more concerned about making sure you followed proper protocol.

Chron breaks down the right way to handle a workplace injury. Use these insights to safeguard your claim and your right to compensation.

First notification

Hopefully, you notified your manager or supervisor of your injury as soon as it happened. If your injuries prevented you from doing so, a coworker could let your employer know what happened. Once you alert your boss about your injury, she or he should ensure that you receive medical attention and that your injuries do not worsen. The company should also investigate the reason for your harm and take measures to make sure it does not happen again.

Company responsibilities

Besides ensuring you receive immediate medical attention when you initially hurt yourself, your company must also provide ongoing treatment if your workplace injury requires it. Employers should also report workplace harm to the local workers’ comp board office.

Rehab and returning to work

Did a medical professional tell you that your harm requires long-term vocational or physical rehabilitation? If so, once you complete rehabilitation and get back to work, your company must make reasonable accommodations to facilitate your return. Examples of reasonable changes include altering your work assignment if you cannot perform your standard duties while recovering and shifting your work environment to account for your physical limitations.

Did you and your employer follow the above procedure? If your company dropped the ball, you deserve to work with a professional who may help you protect your rights.