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What is an independent medical exam?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

You hurt yourself at work recently, but your employer has workers’ compensation insurance. As part of the claims process, you must undergo an independent medical exam. 

Protect your claim with knowledge. See how the IME Care Center defines independent medical exams. 

Due diligence

With workers’ comp, personal injury, disability claims and similar scenarios, claimants may exaggerate the extent of their injuries. Before honoring a claim or offering a settlement, insurance companies may request a medical examination from a third party, independent physician. That way, coverage providers know the true extent of the injuries and their worth. Besides gauging the depth of harm, insurance providers may request an independent medical exam to uncover more information about the incident. 

Third party

Rather than have your regular physician examine you, your employer or its insurance provider may turn the case over to a qualified and impartial third-party doctor. The professional they choose must have the skills and resources necessary to perform a proper medical examination. Know that the standard doctor-patient confidentiality privilege does not apply between you and the third-party doctor. 


In the days leading to your independent medical exam, prepare answers for questions related to your accident, such as how the injury happened, previous harms you suffered and treatment you received for the workplace accident. You may want to practice your responses with a friend so that you provide all essential information to protect your claim. Answer all questions honestly and ensure that you arrive for the exam early. 

Do your part to move your workers’ comp claim along. The independent medical exam represents only a single step along the journey.