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Man dies after being pinned against truck

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Many workplace vehicles involve transportation vehicles. Scenarios may include someone getting pinned underneath an object or a vehicle. A person may get hit and pushed against another object.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s guidelines aim to prevent these events by clearly outlining safety protocols for job sites. Employers should ensure worker training on these protocols. Sadly, accidents continue to happen and even result in the deaths of workers in some situations.

A grim start to the work week

A tragic example of these situations was experienced on a Monday morning in early November. According to a report by the Star Tribune, a man employed at a recycling and garbage collection facility in St. Paul was working near the rear of a truck to open the vehicle’s doors in the back. The size of the truck and other details remain unknown at this time.

While opening the doors, a loader apparently backed into the man and lodged him in between the truck and the loader. The man failed to survive the event.

Investigation underway

As police officers and Minnesota OHSA officials investigate the event, many questions arise. Authorities may review the safety protocols in place for the worker who died as well as any worker or workers involved with backing up the loader that hit and killed the man. Investigators may assess the vehicles involved to detect any potential failure of alert or safety systems.

As the investigation continues, any friends or family members of the deceased man must come to terms with the loss of someone dear to them in such an unforeseen manner.