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How not to transport a snowmobile

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2020 | Injuries |

In anticipation of snowmobiling season, outdoor sports enthusiasts may find themselves eagerly thinking about all the places they will take their snowmobile or ATV. Some unconventional transport methods make hooking up and transporting the snowmobile a breeze. 

However, it is best to leave some strategies alone, as they are highly unsafe and can significantly increase the risk of accidents and injuries. 

On top of the vehicle

According to a recent StarTribune story, a law enforcement trooper cautions against using unsafe practices to transport snowmobiles on vehicle rooftops after encountering two motorists who were in the process of doing so. Though it may look and seem like a secure way to get snowmobiles back and forth, especially for short distances, it is not safe and could lead to serious ATV and snowmobile accidents, injuries and death. 

Without current registration

State law requires that owners maintain current registration on snowmobiles they intend to transport. Failure to maintain current registration is an unlawful offense that can result in legal penalties, such as jail time, fines and a misdemeanor. 

With faulty components

Snowmobiles should be safe for transport. Fuel leaks or repair or maintenance issues could contribute to unsafe hazards that may crop up during transport. 

On improper transport equipment

The method of transport will determine the type of equipment necessary to safely transport a snowmobile. Some motorists use their truck beds. However, not all truck beds meet the size requirements for safe snowmobile transport. The safest way is to use an enclosed trailer. The snowmobile manufacturer’s recommendations will have storage and transport instructions and potential safety concerns.