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Can a car crash change your personality?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Car Accidents |

As a victim of a crash, you likely experience effects in the aftermath. Some you may expect, while others may take you by surprise. For example, many people expect physical aches and pains. Not many anticipate potential personality changes. 

But how does a car crash alter your personality? And is there anything you can do to change it back? 

Location of injury

Mayo Clinic examines traumatic brain injury, which often occurs after a serious crash. These injuries – TBI for short – can change major parts of your personality depending on their location. This is because the health of your brain dictates certain aspects of personality. Different areas of the brain influence, store or control different parts of a personality. For example, your frontal lobe controls inhibition. 

Rashness and temper

What happens when the frontal lobe suffers damage, then? You may behave in a more impulsive way. You might not think before talking, leading to bluntness and potentially harmful statements. Your loved ones may describe you as rash, thoughtless or lacking in caution. The severity of these changes depend on the damage itself. 

Changes to temper occur often, too. This is particularly jarring for loved ones, especially if you were not known for having a big temper before the accident. You may lash out at others, experience strong mood swings and outbursts of anger. You could curse people out, insult them or yell at them. 

Over time, these changes may leave on their own as you recover from your TBI. In some cases, the effects may linger. You will likely want to follow your doctor’s instruction for the most streamlined recovery possible.