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Examining the risks tied to eating while driving

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2020 | Car Accidents |

You may have already read past posts on this blog detailing the dangers of distracted driving in Sartell and deservedly developed an appreciation for the increased awareness dedicated to this issue in recent years. Even still, that has not necessarily translated into the threat abating. 

Indeed, as many of those that we here at the Gabrielson Law Offices, LTD can attest to, one of the more common driving distractions still poses a great danger (to the point of many auto industry experts estimating it to potentially be the cause of nearly 80% of all car accidents). What is it? Eating while driving. 

The dangers of eating while behind the wheel

Like many people, you may view eating as such a natural action that you might question how distracting it can be. Yet consider the common categories of driving distractions (as recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). These include: 

  • Manual: Any actions that require the use of one (or both) of your hands 
  • Cognitive: Any actions that require your attention 
  • Visual: Any actions that require your direct gaze 

When one chooses to eat (or drink a beverage) while behind the wheel, they actually engage in all three. These actions may cumulatively only take a few seconds, yet when traveling in a vehicle at a high rate of speed, that is all the time needed to make them a danger to you and others. 

Recognizing a driver engaged in eating while driving

The question then becomes how can you tell of the driver that hit you was eating or drinking at the time. The most sign would be fresh stains on their hands or clothing. Yet open food or drinks containers in their vehicle may be another (less obvious) indication. 

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