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Spring and road construction projects are coming to Central Minnesota

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Winter hits Central Minnesota hard. But the harshness of winter is about to give way to spring, which will, in turn, give way to summer. While it is impossible for experts to say exactly when the change in weather is coming, there is no doubt that warmer days are ahead. The impending change in weather will bring with it both an increase in traffic and a slowdown in traffic when road construction projects get up and running.

Unfortunately, those needed projects too often result in highway construction accidents that can result in serious injuries and sometimes fatalities.

A reminder of road projects coming our way:

  • Highway 18 bridge replacement project east of Brainerd. The Minnesota Department of Transportation says it will replace the bridge over Portage Creek west of Highway 6.
  • Highway 23 resurfacing from Benton Co. Rd. 1 to Highway 95 east of St. Cloud.
  • Highway 23/Interstate 94 interchange project will (hopefully) finish up this summer. Loop ramps are being added.

When those projects are underway, it will be important for drivers to pay extra attention around and in the construction zones.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says “highway work zones are hazardous both for motorists who drive through the complex array of signs, barrels, and lane changes” and for the road crews as well.

Among the hazards motorists face in road construction zones:

  • Distracted drivers who are not paying attention to speed limits, equipment or traffic
  • Motorists speeding in the zones
  • Confusing or absent warning signs
  • Construction debris and uneven road surfaces
  • Construction equipment and workers

It is impossible to avoid highway construction slowdowns and detours in the Sartell and Brainerd areas. But a slow and cautious approach to work zones can help to ensure that you avoid being in a crash caused by a reckless, distracted or speeding driver.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a wreck caused by a negligent motorist, contact an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation