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An NTSB report highlights improved safety for motorcyclists

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In a vehicle-motorcycle crash, the motorcyclist usually sustains the most severe injuries.

A recent report from the National Transportation Safety Board emphasizes the need for better motorcycle crash warning and prevention features.

About the report

In 2018, the NTSB released a report entitled “Select Risk Factors Associated With Causes of Motorcycle Crashes.” The report included recommendations for better motorcycle visibility and ways to provide riders with more time to react to potential crash situations. By analyzing federal crash data, researchers determined that the prevention of many car-motorcycle accidents was possible if motorists were better able to see motorcycles in certain situations, such as changing lanes or crossing an intersection. The most frequent kind of crash occurs when a motorist makes a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcyclist.

Better control

The NTSB report concluded that motorcycles should have the same kind of crash warning and prevention systems that appear on many late-model cars. The researchers determined that riders would benefit if their motorcycles were not only more conspicuous but also had antilock brakes and stability control systems, both of which are available on newer models. Stability control systems would also help to reduce the number of single-vehicle crashes. Many designers and manufacturers are already using state-of-the-art technology to give riders more control over the performance of their bikes.

Safety recommendations

The NTSB report calls for new motorcycles to be equipped with antilock braking system design and for manufacturers to incorporate crash warning and prevention technology in all motorcycles sold for on-road use in the United States.

Reconstruction technology

Technology is also at work in the legal field. Photographs, physical evidence and information from professional accident reconstructionists make computerizations of motorcycle crash incidents possible. Such technology makes the case for crash victims stronger than ever, helping riders who suffer injuries recover full and fair compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.