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Look out for delayed car accident symptoms

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Car accidents can happen to anyone. A Minnesota Timberwolves star was in a collision while traveling to the airport and had to miss a game. His injuries were not severe, and he will make a full recovery. However, not everyone is as lucky. 

In the weeks following an auto accident, you need to be mindful of your overall well-being. You may feel fine in the immediate aftermath, but the rush of adrenaline could hide some of your symptoms. Here are common injuries to watch out for in the days and weeks that follow a collision. 

Back pain

It could take several days before you realize there is substantial pain in the lower back. This could be a number of health issues, such as a herniated disc, sprain or soft tissue injury. The only way to be sure is to schedule a doctor’s appointment. A series of tests will be necessary to determine what your best treatment option is. 

Headaches and chronic dizziness

You could suffer from headaches as a result of whiplash, blood clots or a concussion. A lot of people assume it is normal to experience headaches after a car crash. They simply take some Tylenol and move on. However, the root cause of the problem may go much deeper, so those experiencing headaches and dizziness should always seek out medical help. 

Numbness and tingling anywhere in the body

A pinched nerve or herniated disc can create a tingling sensation in any of your limbs. You may also feel numb in certain areas. Numerous complications can arise if you fail to treat this problem promptly. You may suffer from chronic pain if the problem continues unabated. There are numerous other symptoms to watch out for, and if anything feels out of the ordinary, then you need medical attention. Seeing a doctor is necessary for your auto claim anyway, so do not hesitate to contact a doctor posthaste.