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Potential triggers for dog bites

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Dogs are “man’s best friend,” but in the case of an attack, they can be a person’s worst nightmare. In fact, attacks can be quite dangerous, and sometimes deadly.

While most consider the summer to be the prime time for dog bites, they can occur year-round under the right circumstances. By being aware of certain triggers, you can effectively decrease your chances of facing an attack.

Physical traits

Several different stimuli may cause a dog to feel a certain way, which may lead to a bite or an attack. Whether it is fear, anger, excitement or confusion, a dog may bite a person who causes such stimulation. Before a dog attacks, it usually shows a few physical traits of agitation, fear or aggression. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Showing its teeth
  • Barking or growling excessively
  • Lowering its head
  • Sticking its tail straight up

If you notice these signs, it may be best to distance yourself from the dog. Try to remain calm, and do not make any sudden moves.

Human emotion

Dogs are very intuitive, and they often take on the persona of the humans they are around. Therefore, an angry or scared attitude from a human can be a trigger for a dog. In fact, the results of a recent study show the people in the study who had higher levels of anxiety were more prone to a dog attack. Therefore, it may be beneficial to try to keep a calm, peaceful demeanor around your canine friends.

Lack of knowledge

Though certain precautions may seem common sense to you, it may not be for a child. Therefore, those responsible for children should take extra precaution to educate them about proper interactions with dogs to prevent possible injury

By understanding these potential triggers, you can keep them in mind during your interactions with or around a dog. Doing so may help to avoid or at least decrease the chances of an attack. However, in the case of a bite, seek medical attention immediately.