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3 safety tips for ATV trail riding in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Minnesota summers are perfect for off-roading with your ATV and hitting the trails. However, you should not neglect basic safety precautions, because if you do not ride safe, you run the risk of a serious injury.

Another important reason for you to take safety measures when you ride your ATV is that any accident you are in could involve negligence. It can be difficult to prove who is at fault in an ATV accident, and you want to ensure that you ride safely so you are not at fault in an accident. Follow these tips for a safe summer of trail rides on your ATV in Minnesota:

1. Drive sober

This may seem like a rather obvious safety tip, but many trail riders underestimate the importance of riding your ATV sober. If you are out enjoying a weekend camping trip, you may have more to drink than you realize and ride your ATV. That increases your chances for an accident and injury. In addition, if you drive impaired and injure someone, you are likely negligent for that injury and could find yourself in court. On the flip side, if you suffer an injury due to an impaired driver, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

2. Check your equipment and ATV

Another precaution that many ATV riders overlook is that of checking their equipment and vehicle before every ride. Defective equipment or ATVs can cause serious injury and may also be a product liability issue for the manufacturer. Be sure everything is in top shape and working properly before you hit the trails.

3. Ride with others

Since ATV trail riding can be dangerous, it is a good policy to always go out with others when you ride. That way, if anyone has a problem, breakdown or an accident, there is at least one other person there to assist and go get help as needed. Riding solo on Minnesota trails can be a recipe for disaster, especially if no one else knows where you are or when you plan to get back. 

If your summer fun in Minnesota includes time on the trails with your ATV, be sure you are smart and safe. The results of a serious injury can be devastating, and if you cause an accident, you may end up with a lawsuit on your hands.