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Minimizing distractions while you are on the roads

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2017 | Blog |

One of the most common reasons you could end up in a car accident in Minnesota is distraction. You could be texting someone, reading a reply, getting ready to call someone or have your mind on something other than driving and the roads. These distracting driving behaviors and others can increase your risk of collision and even death. 

With car accidents being a leading source of traumatic brain and incapacitation injuries, you should avoid driving while distracted as much as possible. Even though your commute may seem boring at times, the risk of entertainment and occupation are not worth losing your life. Take a few moments to review the following ways to avoid distracted driving. 

Get some rest 

If you feel tired and are struggling to stay awake behind the wheel, you may resort to using distractions. It may seem harmless for you to pull out your cellphone when you are at a red light, but the moment you take your focus off the roads and traffic, you no longer are aware of what is going on. You have less time to think about your driving actions and may make some major driving errors that could send you and others to the hospital for treatment of car accident injuries

If you feel yourself getting sleepy, pull over to a parking lot or somewhere safe on the shoulder of the road and take a nap. Pay attention to the times of day you feel tired and try to plan your commute around them. You should also try to get a few more hours of sleep at night. 

Put distracting items away 

When you think about how hard it can be for you to function for one moment without your cellphone, it becomes easier to understand the temptation you feel to use it while you are driving. Instead of gambling on your ability to resist the lure of using your cellphone, put it up and out of sight until you arrive at your destination. An ideal place to keep it while you are in your car is in the glove box compartment or the backseat. 

Driving is not always fun. Sometimes it may seem tedious and dull. No matter how interesting it is, you should not do anything that takes your mental and physical focus off the task. Keep both hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the roads and traffic.