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Nurse Anesthetist Wins Verdict In Wright County

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2017 | News |

Our client, a nurse anesthetist, suffered a neck injury with left upper extremity radiculopathy in a motor vehicle accident. After an emergency room visit, he had no further care for several months. Then, following an accident at his home, he missed several months of work. While recuperating from those injuries, he reported ongoing neck symptoms and radiculopathy from the motor vehicle accident. He rejected surgery, choosing instead to follow the advice of his therapist that he reduce his work hours and engage in physical therapy. Just prior to trial, the negligent driver’s insurance carrier offered $6,750 to settle the claim. The case was tried in December, 2012. The jury’s net verdict, after the Court deducted from the verdict no-fault benefits paid by our client’s auto carrier, was $654,375.29. This was the largest personal injury verdict in Wright County in 2012.