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Is commuting really that bad for your body?

Commuting is a way of life in the United States, and it looks different for different people. Some may bike, walk or rollerblade to work. Others take public transportation such as buses and subways. Meanwhile, many commuters drive, and much of the time, they are alone.

It is well-known that sitting for long stretches of time is not ideal for your body. For instance, trucking companies encourage their drivers to take frequent walk breaks and to move their bodies in various ways when they drive. However, if your commute is about 25 minutes each way, is sitting really that for your body? There have been reports that it can lead to increases in cholesterol, blood sugar, anxiety, depression and blood pressure, among other issues, but are these claims overblown?

3 safety tips for ATV trail riding in Minnesota

Minnesota summers are perfect for off-roading with your ATV and hitting the trails. However, you should not neglect basic safety precautions, because if you do not ride safe, you run the risk of a serious injury.

Another important reason for you to take safety measures when you ride your ATV is that any accident you are in could involve negligence. It can be difficult to prove who is at fault in an ATV accident, and you want to ensure that you ride safely so you are not at fault in an accident. Follow these tips for a safe summer of trail rides on your ATV in Minnesota:

A car wreck can injure your brain

Minnesota is in the midst of vacation and travel season. Consequently, our state experiences far more traffic as vacationers flock to our lakes to fish, swim, boat and enjoy Mother Nature. The downside of this for you, however, is that you face an increased risk of having an auto accident whenever you yourself hit the road.

You can receive any number of debilitating injuries in a car wreck, but one of the most catastrophic is a traumatic brain injury. This is an injury to your head of sufficient severity that your brain begins to dysfunction in some manner. Sadly, more than 286,000 people receive a crash-related TBI each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

ATV accidents are on the rise

Many people enjoy taking an all-terrain vehicle off the beaten path for a day of fun and excitement. However, it is vital for anyone who rides these vehicles to understand the dangers and how to remain safe. No one is immune from injuries, as evidenced a few years ago when Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken Rouen severed her spine while riding an ATV.

People sustain injuries from riding ATVs due to the negligence of others or due to a factory defect. The most important thing after an ATV accident is to seek medical attention immediately. 

What is Minnesota law on dog bites and attacks?

Warm weather beckons everyone outdoors, from little children to the elderly. It also brings animals out into the open, both wildlife and domestic pets. It is common to see people walking or playing with their dogs outside.

With more chances to interact with dogs on public and private property, it is important to know Minnesota law in case a canine bites or attacks you. Then you will know if you can pursue a case under the dog-bite statute and maybe under common law negligence as well. 

3 road risks that occur in summer

Driving in the summertime can be idyllic. With the sun out and your AC blowing, driving is more than just getting from point A to point B. The favorable weather may lead you to believe that driving is safer in the summer than other seasons, but there are plenty of unique risks that you should be on the lookout for. Caution could save you from getting into a car accident and suffering injuries.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, teens are especially at risk during summertime—so much so that fatal car accidents increase by 38 percent. To keep yourself and your kids safe on the road, stay aware of the following risks you may face in coming summer months. 

Seniors and car accidents: the effects of aging

Driving is an activity many people in the Sartell area enjoy well into their golden years. It helps many seniors maintain a sense of mobility and independence. It is not uncommon to see older drivers in traffic. However, car accidents involving seniors happen a lot more than people may think. 

Growing older presents some challenges that can interfere with elderly individuals' ability to operate their vehicles safely. Here is a brief overview of how the effects of aging impact seniors’ driving abilities. 

The burden of road safety lies with you

As the temps warm up, drivers in the Sartell area can expect their commute to become more congested. More people on the roads means an increase in car accident risk. Most drivers operate their vehicles responsibly and adhere to the traffic laws. However, there are also individuals who do not keep safety in mind when they drive. 

When car accidents happen, it is not unusual for people to point the finger at each other. However, they may not realize the role their own actions play in preventing motor vehicle collisions. Every driver must drive safely, responsibly and with minimal errors. This involves staying calm, avoiding distractions and using proper judgment. Consider the following information on the importance of maintaining road safety. 

Will Thin Ice Make 2018 A Deadly Year For Snowmobilers?

Snowmobiling is a great source of winter fun for many Minnesotans, but it is not without its dangers. While there are snowmobile accidents every year, experts are suggesting that 2018 may be particularly deadly. Snowmobilers are advised to include a little more caution with their recreation.

Safety features may increase distracted driving

If drivers believe that the most dangerous driving distraction in the Sartell area and across the country is texting, they could find themselves in for a rude awakening. According to a study on, programming navigation devices on the vehicle's dash is the most distracting thing a driver could do on the road, with texting a close second.

It is no secret that driving distractions impact road safety. Driving is a task that requires complete focus. However, motorists may not realize that mental distractions alone can lead to crashes, even when both hands stay on the wheel.

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