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Summer driving dangers you should be on guard against

Summer is here, and the roads are overflowing with motorists. As you get ready to travel to work or vacation this season, take some time to learn about some common driving dangers you may encounter. Even if you are normally a defensive driver, you have a higher risk of being in a car accident during the summer months. 

Here is a brief overview of driving hazards that can put you in harm's way. 

What to do after a car crash in Minnesota

As you travel along your usual route to work or school, one moment of carelessness by a negligent driver can throw your whole life into turmoil. In the face of emotional and physical trauma from a car accident, many people feel lost as they try to handle the aftermath.

Knowing some basic steps to take after your accident can help you start picking up the pieces. You need to take care of your health and safety while also considering your financial future.

Spring Is An Especially Dangerous Time To Be On A Farm

Spring is an especially busy time for farmers throughout central Minnesota. In addition to completing daily chores and tasks like milking cows and feeding livestock, many farmers and farm workers are also tilling fields, planting crops and tending to the special needs of young livestock. With so much to do in such a short amount of time, area farm workers often rise early and work well past sunset. Unfortunately, this demanding schedule can result in even the most safety-conscious individual making mistakes that can result in accidents and injuries.

When it comes to farm safety, it's important to be vigilant year-round. However, being aware of safety hazards is especially important in the spring.

Staying safe when sharing the road with trucks

Even experienced drivers can have a moment of worry when they find themselves on the road close to an 18-wheeler. If this is you, you are smart to worry. Large commercial trucks present several dangers ordinary passenger vehicles do not.

Big rigs can contribute to crashes due to their large size and heavy mass, both of which make it harder for trucks to turn or slow down. These factors also tend to increase the severity of any accident where the truck becomes involved. Taking some safety precautions can help other drivers cut down on the likelihood of suffering a car accident with a large truck.

Next month, set aside time for MN Excavation Safety Stand-Down

Thousands of men and women in Central Minnesota and beyond in the state earn their livings through the hard work of construction and other back-breaking blue collar jobs. While there's little question regarding whether working in such industries is hard physical work and has certain dangers, there is also no question that all workers are entitled to a reasonable standard of safety in their workplace.

Particularly in jobs where clear dangers are present, employers are required to be vigilant about fostering a safe worksite and safe work practices. OSHA is worried about at least one specific worksite danger due to worker fatalities in Minnesota over the past few years. Next month, a safety effort will take place to address the workplace safety concern.

5 Techniques To Achieve Pedestrian Safety

You don't need an expert to tell you that although car accident injuries devastate many drivers, pedestrians often experience much more serious injuries at the hands of hurried and neglectful drivers.
Whether you live in a rural or more populated area, consider safe walking routes and defensive techniques. After all, pedestrians who experience a collision have a much higher chance of fatality or life-changing injury. While you can't control the actions of neglectful drivers, you can learn strategies that will increase your chances of staying safe on the roads.

How Food Recalls Affect Product Liability Cases

Texas-based ice cream maker Blue Bell Creameries made national headlines in 2015 after several consumers contracted listeria from the company's ice cream products. Following reports that the contamination caused at least three deaths, Blue Bell recalled some products. It later issued a second recall of all its products.

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